The Boy Who was Afraid to Sleep


The Yuva Ekta Foundation in collaboration with the Kahaani Festival and the One World College of Music stages its production “The Boy Who was Afraid to Sleep” on the 16th of May at the One World College of Music.

Join us on a journey of self discovery and dream spaces with Adi, Bella and their friends. The play encourages people to dream, to be imaginative, without being afraid or boxed into categories, without fear of judgement. While each child has a unique and colourful imagination, the play resonates with all age groups giving us an opportunity to connect with our inner child.

The 20 minute play then goes into a story telling workshop, where we use basic theatre, music, art and writing techniques, to help participants create stories and performances of their own.

Duration of Workshop: 2 hours (workshop and performances by groups)

Participants: Adults and Children together (Family Participation is encouraged!)

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