The Boy who was Afraid to Sleep

On the 17th of May 2015, The Yuva Ekta Foundation shared with the world its production as a part of the Kahani Festival, ‘The Boy Who was Afraid to Sleep’. It was a delightful little narrative about a boy who loves to live in a world of dreams. As happens with all happy stories, the boy loses his imaginary friend to a monster (an Octopus in our case) and decides never to sleep as he is scared to enter the world of imagination again. A Boy who loves sleeping hasn’t slept for nine months, three weeks and two days only to wait for a genie, who helps him overcome all his fears to make him happy, cheerful and sleepy again so that he can dare to dream.

It was a joyous experience watching this performance. For one thing, it made us enter into a magical world where anything was possible. The characters were able to successfully connect with the little ones in the audience whose innocent laughter and comments reminded us of the childhood we all dearly miss. But most importantly, this performance was a reminder to all of us that we should never give up on our dreams. Imagination is the biggest tool we have for it gives us the power to be a visionary.

The performance was followed by a workshop in which people of all ages, old and young participated. Everyone was asked to draw a character/person/figure who they imagined to be their friend. Three groups were divided and each individual shared their unique characters and stories to connect with each other and make one big story which was performed in front of everyone. Whether one was young or old didn’t matter. What mattered was that people were able to connect with each other through their ideas, expressions and stories.

We are extremely grateful to Teamwork Arts Pvt. Ltd. for helping us manage the venue and make it show-worthy. We would also like to thank One World College of Music for giving us the space and time to make this event possible. The Yuva Ekta Foundation will continue to strive and create a network of young people and minds who believe in the power of dreams!

- Rijul Kataria has a Masters in Sociology from JNU and is deeply interested in incorporating theatre in research. He’s an ex Yuva Ekta participant turned facilitator and is currently working with the Yuva Ekta Foundation

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