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Vocal Rasta and Natya Rasta-2015

Facilitated by the Yuva Ekta Foundation as a part of the Sounds of Freedom youth outreach program, Natya Rasta-  the Street Theater Group, and Vocal Rasta- an A Capella Choir, worked on the theme of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

A dynamic group of young people between the ages of 18 – 26 years came together to take a hard look at our social conditioning, to explore our attitudes and beliefs that lie at the core of all our relationships.

The outcome of 6 months of hard work was an extraordinary Street Play - ‘Gender Bender’ and original compositions that raised difficult questions of when we will evolve towards a more ‘gender-just’ world, where we break stereo types and redefine terms like “Masculinity”, “Feminism”, “Transgender”? A world where all Humans are considered Equal!

The groups performed in various public spaces across Delhi/NCR and the acts were greatly appreciated by the audience.


Natya Rasta at MenEngage Global Symposium

Natya Rasta performed  “Gender Bender”, a take on gender stereotypes and divisions at the 2nd MenEngage Global Symposium at the India Habitat Center on the 12th of November. The play explores the attitudinal difference in our treatment of different genders, and how the real balance is restored only when we look at each other as human being with free choices. Through some hard hitting scenarios depicting gender divides and our selective behaviour towards each other, juxtapositioned with the idea of creation and how we were all essentially created as equals, the play looks as legislative provisions that are blatantly ignored, as well as the existent ignorant laws that do not recognise things outside of the realm of “normalcy”.

The play received great feedback from the audience and was deeply appreciated by everyone.  Natya Rasta has performed the play at several venues: such as IIT Delhi, the CII Diwali  Celebration, Central Park in Connaught Place, Select City Walk in Saket, as well as at the DIY DAY Festival.

Stay tuned for more performances across the city.