Home-Away Diaries

“The ‘Home/Away’ journey which felt like home”

“Life is like a box of chocolates.. You never know what you’re gonna get.” (Forrest Gump movie)
What other line can I use to describe the serendipity and sheer good luck of coming across the news of “Home/Away” project’s auditions, while aimlessly jumping from one Facebook page to another on an idle afternoon in June this year :-). Who could have thought that such a lazy activity of passing time would lead me to the auditions at the office of Yuva Ekta Foundation (YEF), and then to my first international theater project… to my first ever trip to a foreign land (YESS, it was !)… a chance to meet, interact, do workshops, share thoughts & make connections with theater artistes of different nations..  and above all, to make friends with a bunch of gems of people… PHEW ! Now I totally believe in what is know as the ‘Butterfly Effect’ !!

” I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” (Godfather movie)
What other line can I use to describe that moment when – after three gruelling rounds of auditions- the YEF team finally informed me that I was selected as a member of the ensemble cast, who would go to Scotland to proudly represent our country India on such a reputed platform (National Theater of Scotland), in the midst of artistes from across the globe ! It truly was an offer one could not refuse.. All other ‘pulls-&-pushes’ and ‘if’s-&-but’s’ of life took a back-seat.. I didn’t blink an eye before committing myself to it and jumping headling into this golden opportunity of a lifetime !

“I’m the king of the world !” (Titanic)
What other line can I use to describe the exhilaration, excitement, euphoria and joy of getting up on each morning of those ‘rehearsal-days’, which held a promise of me becoming a slightly better artiste (and person) by learning something new at the end of each of that day.. And all credit for that goes to Puneeta Roy and her team, our mentor Mr. Dilip Shankar, and equally to each of my fellow cast-members too (in their own unique ways)..

“I’ll be back !” (Terminator movie)
What other line can I use to describe the sheer desire and hope to stay connected with the YEF team & its future projects (wherever I could find a place).. to work again (and again) with the mad, crazy bunch of our cast-members.. and of course, to continue with and take forward the journey of “Bargad Ki Chhaon Mein”, our cherished project, at as many platforms as possible !
” It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” (a phrase from the classic ‘A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens)
What other line can I use to describe 2016 – this crazy, roller coaster of a year which it has been for me, personally & professionally…
And without delving any further into the ‘why’s-&-what’s’ of the worst of times, I say it with absolute surety that coming across the “Home/Away” international project and becoming a part of the YEF team was DEFINITELY the ‘BEST of Times” for me this year !!
Here’s my warmest and most heartfelt THANKS to the Yuva Ekta Foundation team for giving me not only an opportunity of a lifetime, but surely and definitely a ‘life-changing’ one as well for me, in many ways :-)

It happened five months back, but seems like yesterday when the first audition took place at the YEF office..
” Once upon a time.. in a galaxy far, far away..” (Star Wars) 

-Prateek Kapoor plays ‘Pratap’ in the play ‘Bargad ki Chhaon Mein’ which was performed at National Theatre of Scotland’s Home/Away festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

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