• A Pioneering Research Project on Emotional Intelligence with ‘Children in Conflict with Law’

    In a recent addition to our Threads of Humanity Program, we have launched a research project titled ‘Building Emotional Intelligence using Expressive Arts and Psychodrama Therapy with Children in Conflict with Law‘.

    This effort is borne out of our experiences of working in Juvenile Remand Homes and ‘At-Risk’ Youth in Delhi for the last 10 years. Our work thus far has ranged from using techniques of Theatre, Arts, Creative Writing, Dance, Music, and Movement based therapy. We’ve seen a positive impact on our participants, many of whom are now using these skills to create a bright future for themselves. More importantly, however, it has encouraged participants to undertake a journey of self-discovery.

    This research study is a one-of-its-kind effort that has never been carried out within Juvenile Prison setups in India. In fact, Research on Art Therapy in India is limited and constrained. This gives our work a unique legitimacy and ability to comment on the nature of incarceration for ‘children under care and protection’. It is also fitting that we use the results of this study to direct larger policy changes in the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act of 2015, which impacts thousands of young children on a daily basis.

    For this purpose of this study, we’ve tied up with trained Psychologists and leading Psychodramtists, making this project a major collaborative effort of like-minded individuals. The month of May saw us conducting standardised psychological and arts-based assessments, which will help us map changes our participants go through as the workshops progress. We’ve planned 50 Expressive Arts Therapy and 12 Psychodrama Therapy sessions over one year. The first week of June was when we began with the Arts based interventions.

    50 Young offenders (aged 16-21) from Adahrshila Special Home for Boys (and Place of Safety) at Majnu Ka Tila, New Delhi are participating members of this study. 

    There are many who live in this city, constantly ‘at-risk’ of abuse and neglect. ‘Threads of Humanity’ is our way of empowering those who live life on the fringes.

    If you want to contribute to this endeavour, please write to us at office@yuvaektafoundation.org. 

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