• Yuva Ekta Playback Theatre Workshop

    19th November, 05:30 PM Teamwork Arts Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

    What is Playback Theatre?

    Developed by Jonathan Fox in the 1970s, Playback Theatre today finds a special place between Psychodrama, Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Forum Theatre. The reason for this complexity has intensified over the years with feedback from respondents and the change in discourse on therapeutic approaches in general. The ‘non-scripted approach’ gives Playback Theatre portrays a certain sense of flexibility and catharsis, which brings it close to Psychodrama, although it never positions itself in the same domain (Fox, 2004).


    We use Expressive Arts as a tool to work with schools and communities on various social issues. Playback Theatre not only helps us increase our skill set as facilitators, but also gives us a new platform to engage with communities.

    Our training process was undertaken by Brian Tasker and Gerry Orkin, distinguished Playback trainers from UK and Australia respectively.

    We have set up a Yuva Ekta Playback Theatre Group in New Delhi. We meet every Monday, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM to train and explore the craft further. If you are interested or wish to know more about this endeavor, mail us at office@yuvaektafoundation.org.


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