• Creating Utopia @ Kreativ Adda

    The second edition of Kreativ Adda workshops was about Creating Utopia!

    Participants came together from all walks of life to go through this journey of Self-exploration. We had participants from Kat-Katha, an organisation that works with children of sex workers in New Delhi, retired school teachers, dancers, actors and employees of Teamwork Arts Pvt. Ltd., our Kreativ Adda Partner.

    Our facilitator Ms. Puneeta Roy made the participants go through a ‘Creative Visualization’ where they explored what Utopia meant to them, a place of perfect harmony, peace and happiness. After the meditation, our next facilitator Ms. Bulbul Sharma introduced the participants to a new painting technique called ‘Pointillism’. Through a deft use of colors and brushes, she guided the participants to depict their ‘Utopia’ on canvas.

    It was beautiful to see everyone open up their hearts and minds to the process and participate with full enthusiasm and energy. What was heartwarming was to see the diversity of the group, both in terms of their ages as well as socio-economic backgrounds, In the sharing that followed, the healing and self exploration was evident as everyone shared their artwork with the larger group.

    Utopia is not a destination but a direction, a guiding point on the compass of Life. This workshop brought all the participants a little closer to their ‘Utopia’.

    To know more about these workshops, mail us at office@yuvaektafoundation.org

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