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The Young Visionary 2015- Community Outreach

We started on a Monday morning with a group of young kids who were perfect strangers to each other, yet once we got the ball rolling, the students caught on magically and opened up to each other. 

Using various theatre based exercises as tools, we worked on sensitising the mixed group of students from grade 11, Bluebells School International and the Khushi Home for Girls in Okhla on the issue of Waste Management.
Over the 3 days, students from the two groups have worked as a team on creating a small performance depicting everyday scenarios on Waste in our homes, in our streets and beyond our dustbins.
These young people have individually shown immense growth and as a team have evolved a strong voice about the issue of waste. The group is now going to meet once a week to rehearse and plan performances of the play.
We’d like to thank the teachers from Bluebells and the administrators of Khushi for the opportunity to work with a group of such talented, bright young people, who have so much potential, yet to be discovered and honed.

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