The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust working at the intersection of Youth and Governance, spanning a canvas that integrates young people from different socio economic and geographic backgrounds. Through workshops, conferences, street plays and youth festivals we create platforms using Theatre and the Arts, enabling them to become sensitized, pro-active and empowered citizens.

The Vision is one of Social Equity. With the core intent as Empowerment, the projects impart a sense of Dignity and Self Respect to each participant, be it juveniles in conflict with law, runaway street children or jaded, well-heeled youth. Each is seen as an equal partner with the potential to become an agent of positive social change

News & Events

  • Celebrating this Festive Season

    As the festive season draws near, The Yuva Ekta Foundation set foot on a new venture. Denave India presented us with an opportunity to display our with Arts at a Diwali Exhibition in their offices. For us, it was more than just a presentation. It was a chance to connect and reach out. Expressive Arts and ...
  • ‘Freedom to Dream’ @ Aadharshila Home

    “I want to complete my education and become a big man one day” – Participant, Aadharshila Home “I have always wanted to help people and with my work, I’ve managed to fulfill that dream” – Member, Child Welfare Committee Be it the young, or the younger, everyone dreams. Our dreams connect us to our innocence and light, ...
  • Staging a Miracle

    We just wrapped up our two-week Intensive Expressive Arts Workshops at Aadharshila Home for ‘Juveniles in Conflict With Law’, Kingsway Camp. The play that emerged out of these workshops, ‘Aadharshila mein ek din- A day in Aadharshila‘  was performed for the members of Delhi Judicial Academy, Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committee. Organised by Delhi Judicial Academy, ...
  • The Compassionate Gaze

    An account of our ongoing work in the Adharshila Observation Home for Boys, Kingsway Camp.
  • Skating towards a brighter tomorrow

    “It’s hard to catch them on camera” was a common consensus. The speed at which these kids zipped past us made us vulnerable each time we stood in that skate park. Each trick contained an element of surprise; we really had to up our own game. The kids were a sensation, hard to keep up with. ...
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