What We Do

We engage with Social issues using  Expressive Arts. Working towards our vision of  Social Equity, we bring together young people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds on one platform. This enables values like  Empathy  and  Mutual Respect  become an integral part of learning process, thus nullifying boundaries of caste, class, gender, religion and other such social constructs.

  • Number of ‘At-Risk’ Youth impacted

    Through Threads of Humanity Program

  • Students and Community Members reached

    under Theatre For Change

  • Youth and Community Stakeholders reached

    through JLF Outreach over 10 years

  • School Students and community members participated

    in The Young Visionary

Why It Matters

Arts education can instill in young people a sense of satisfaction, which comes from working together to create something. It can provide sense of where they come from, why they matter and how they fit together. Through Arts we can explore different ways of expressing thoughts, experiences and feelings that are not easily expressed in everyday language and signs.

WHAT people say about us

Ten days ago, when I entered the workshop, I did not believe in the fact that we, the youth, had the power of affecting and influencing people and encouraging them to be the better people that they are. This workshop has taught me that everyone in this world, no matter what their caste, creed, color, shape, size; are the same and we all think alike and experience the same things.I have realized that we, the youth, can make a great impact on the world, to make it a better place for you and for me.

Simran Jain ( Student, Jayshree Periwal High School )
Participant at Jaipur Literature Festival Youth Outreach, 2016

This workshop was an incredible experience for Sonia, Varju, Jamna, Babita and Gudiya. In 14-15 days there was a lot of change in their confidence levels. We come from tribal communities and for us to even come to Jaipur and interact with students studying in English Medium Schools is an overwhelming experience. Here in these workshops everyone irrespective of their language and class got an equal opportunity to state their point across. Our students experienced a new place, new people and got exposed to a new culture altogether, and this a long way in shaping their dreams.

Navli Kumari (Coordinator, Jan Chetna Sansthan)
Participant at Jaipur Literature Festival Youth Outreach, 2017. Jan Chetna Sansthan is a long-time participating institution at our Outreach Workshops at JLF

The production created by the Yuva Ekta Foundation was profoundly moving! The extremely powerful themes in this show traversed the complexities of India’s social justice system, treatment of women, arranged marriages and the responsibility we have as a community to change moving forward. I left the production feeling inspired to continue the discussion and with a deeper curiosity for how we make a hopeful future that cares for each individual despite our differences and backgrounds. We need more meaningful theatre for social change like this production and I look forward to seeing what Yuva Ekta creates next!

Sarah Rose Graber (Theatre Director, Chicago)
Response to ‘Bargad ki Chhaon Mein- In the Shade of the Banyan’ performed at Home Away Theatre Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, 2016

The production was a brilliant depiction of life in Delhi and fitted perfectly in to our Home Away festival. Your troupe was fantastic ambassadors for India. Your workshops and your troupes involvement in the rest of the workshop programme brought a cultural view that enlightened all of our explorations. I hope that we can build on this relationship and that we can continue to explore our cultural uniqueness and similarities.

Simon Sharkley (Associate Director, National Theatre of Scotland)
Response to ‘Bargad ki Chhaon Mein- In the Shade of the Banyan’ performed at Home Away Theatre Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, 2016

When I get out of here, I want to complete my education and support my family. I know I made a mistake, but I believe that I can make things right. One day, when I have enough, I want to travel the world. Thank you for supporting me. You showed me the light in darkness

Kabir (Name changed)
Kabir was a 'Child in Conflict with Law' at the the Aadharshila Observation Home for Boys and a participant at our Expressive Arts Program under ‘Threads of Humanity’ Project, 2017

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We are an independent not for profit trust without any corporate or government backing. We rely on donations from generous individuals and institutions for the continuation of our work. Any donation big or small is welcomed, in fact encouraged!

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